Genuine Chinese Mechanical Replacement Watch Stem

Genuine Chinese Mechanical Replacement Watch Stem
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These genuine Chinese mechanical replacement watch stems are a must have for any watchmaker. A definite life saver, these watch stems are sold individually and come in the most common sizes of today so you will always have the right size stem on hand. Perfect for times when the current watch stem has been discontinued, cut too short, or broken off inside the movement. Simply select the stem from the drop down menu above

*Sizes are approximate as measurements may vary slightly by gauge.

Part Number Tap Fits Caliber
401-1514 10 DG2812, DG2813, DG3847B, DG3836, CH2812, CH2813
401-1598 10 ST6D Gents
401-1599 10 ST6D-L Ladies
401-1613 10 2650G, 2650S
401-1678 10 DG3804B
401-CH2189 10 CH2189
401-DG3836 10 DTG3836
401-ML7101 10 ML7101. ML7102
401-PE6XX 10 PE6 series
401-PE7XX 10 PE7 series
401-PE8XX 10 PE8 series
401-PE9XX 10 PE9 series
401-S-01 10 S-01, S-05
401-TY2502 10 TY2502
401-TY2723 10 TY2723
401-TY2807 10 TY2807
401-TY2868 10 TY2868
401-Z2034 10 Z2034
401-9211 7 9211