GS TR Thin Ringless Watch Crystal

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These plastic GS watch crystals are great for watchmakers. These TR Thin Ringless watch crystals are great crystals because they can be glued into most watch cases and because you can easily buff scratches and mars out of them. These genuine GS plastic crystals can be used to replace the watch crystals of old style watches, saving you time and money when working on old watches.

  • Sold individually
  • Select the size you need from the drop down menu above
  • Available in diameters from 15 mm to 36 mm in .20 mm increments
  • TR is a round plastic crystal
  • Crystals give you a little bit of height while maintaining a flat top and a low profile
  • Scratches can be easily buffed out of plastic crystals
  • For very thin watches not requiring rings
  • Minimum clearance wall height
  • Designed to be glued into the watch case
  • Replaces genuine watch crystals
  • See GS Conversion Chart (PDF)

 *Sizes are approximate as measurements may vary slightly by gauge.