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GS Watch Crystal HC Hunting Case

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How to Measure for Pocket Watch Crystals 02:39

Need a replacement crystal for your open-face or hunting case pocket watch? This video will show you how to know what size of replacement crystal you'll need, as well as how to order it! Learn more about changing watch bands Learn watch repair Buy the tools seen in this video here: Buy watch bands here: Subscribe to our channel and get updates on new videos here: DISCLAIMER: While the repair you are about to attempt may seem simple, the slightest mistake can result in you damaging or ruining your watch. If you have any doubts about this repair, do not hesitate to take your watch to a professional watchmaker or jeweler.

  • How to Measure...
    Need a replacement crystal for your open-face or hunting case ...

Product Description

These plastic GS watch crystals are great for watchmakers. These HC Hunting Case watch crystals are great crystals because they are made specifically to fit any pocket watch with a cover, because they can be glued into the watch case, and because you can easily buff scratches and mars out of them. These genuine GS plastic crystals can be used to replace the watch crystals of old style pocket watches as well as new style pocket watches, saving you time and money when working on old watches.

  • Sold individually
  • Select the size you need from the drop down menu above
  • Available in diameters from 22.2 mm to 45.7 mm in varying increments
  • Hunting Case round plastic watch crystal for pocket watches
  • Known as wafer thin crystals because they sit so flat and low
  • Scratches can be easily buffed out of plastic crystals
  • Designed to be glued into the watch case, or with a crystal press
  • Replaces genuine pocket watch crystals
  • See GS Conversion Chart (PDF)