Hadley Roma Made To Fit Breitling® Style 20mm Black Watch Band With Contrast Stitching 7 3/8 Inch Length

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This black genuine leather made to fit Breitling' style watch band is a sturdy replacement strap ideal for luxury watches like the chronograph Breitling® models. The remborde construction of the strap seals the edge of the band to improve its water resistance and allow for longer wear. Flexible leather requires a very short break in period. Watch band has a matte finish with contrast stitching. Heavy padding provides superior comfort while wearing. The band features a silver tone stainless steel buckle, that is easy to adjust to change the bands length. 

  • Genuine Hadley Roma Made To Fit Breitling' Style Leather Replacement Watch Strap
  • Watchband measures approximately 7 3/8" inches long (187.3mm)
  • This length would be suitable for a Men's Regular or a Ladies Long length watch band
  • Watchband measures 20mm wide and fits lug opening of 20mm
  • Heavy padding
  • Black in color
  • Silver tone stainless steel buckle
  • Buckle size is 18mm
  • Matte finish with contrast stitching
  • Sealed edge remborde construction for water resistance
  • Stitched reinforced loops
  • Spring bars are included


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Regular Length 7 - 7 ¾ inch