Vallorbe Swiss LP1560 Half Round File - Select Cut

Vallorbe Swiss LP1560 Half Round File - Select Cut
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Swiss Vallorbe Half Round Ring File

Tapered in width and thickness while coming to a point.  It is double cut on both ends. Narrower then regular half round makes it useful for filing inside of rings.

Swiss Vallorbe Precision Files are manufactured to precise production standard, using a combination of machine cutting and hand craftsmanship to produce the most accurate, best cutting and longest lasting files in the world. They are made of the finest heat tempered, chrome alloy steel and have the "right" feel, action and balance desired by all true craftsmen. They deliver superior performance on all metals. Simply the best you can buy.

  • 15.1mm wide by 4.7mm thick
  • Length 6" (150mm)


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