Horofix White Silicone Dust Blower with Extra Long Nozzle

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This rubber blower is just what your jewelers bench needs. It is specially designed with a flat bottom that allows it to "stand" on a bench and not roll away. it allows you to finely direct the air where it is most needed. The inlet is placed at the bottom of the dust blower itself to prevent air from entering through the nozzle and you accidentally sucking dust and other fine particles into the blower. This tool is hand operated and multifunctional making it unnecessary to keep a can of air around. Supplied with two different nozzles made from ABS. 

  • Dust blower is great for cleaning dials, movements and other watch parts
  • Silicone blower with two ABS tips
  • 130mm of 5.11" tall
  • White color
  • Made in Korea