Horotec Advantage Case Press with 12 Delrin Dies SPECIAL EDITION Carbon

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Professional grade, this mid-size case closing press features a larger base to accommodate bigger watches. Oversize handle gives you more closing force. Supplied with 11 reversible, superior quality delrin screw-on dies, plus a universal base die. Size range of dies is 17 mm to 55 mm. Press can also be used with press-on type dies (upper opening 8 mm, lower is 5 mm).Built to last a lifetime; can be bolted to workbench.

  • Outstanding quality steel and aluminum construction
  • Special Edition Hydro-dipped Carbon design
  • Includes 12 delrin dies with 6 mm threaded brass center
  • Reversible die sizes in mm: 17/17, 19/21, 22/25, 26/29, 30/33, 34/37, 38/41, 42/45, 46/48, 48/50, 52/55
  • Dimensions of press: 110 x 95 x 210 mm
  • Made in France


Traditions are being lost and so is manual work. Horotec does not only want to distinguish themselves but to promote professions which are tending to disappear. These are the professions that have allowed watchmaking to reach its level of quality - losing them would be a terrible mistake. Founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds within this watchmaking heritage, it is with importance that Horotec will favor the know-how of local craftsmen. With their knowledge and experience, they will contribute to revisiting watchmaking tools.

The custom products offered by Horotec will be in limited quantities in order to distinguish them from their traditional products. The tool’s function does not change but its visual identity and physical appearance do. With the tools customized by Horotec, you will distinguish yourself from traditional watchmaking tools while also showing that you attach importance to quality products which will be reflected in your work.

The art of the waterpainting process uses inks that resist the surface of water without mixing and that prints on the object that is dipped inside. The chosen editions are Carbon, Magma, Wood and Graffiti. With these themes, we address a varied audience and allow our stems to fit into different professional atmospheres. These products are all authenticated Swiss Made, thus affirming the quality of what we have been offering for years.