Horotec Flash Tester Quartz Watch Tester

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This handy, precision tester performs a variety of tests with both open and closed watch cases on analog quartz watches. Use to determine battery status, electronic circuit and movement operation as well as the ability to un-jam wheels, drive train, hands and calendar parts. Specifically the Flashtest can:

  • Measure battery voltage from 0 to 19.999v.
  • Measure battery voltage under load from 0 to 19.999v.
  • Measure impulses from quartz watches to determine if a problem is electronic or mechanical.
  • Measure the continuity of the coil.
  • Measure the consumption of the electronic circuit to determine whether or not it needs replacement.
  • Measure the consumption of the movement to determine if there is any mechanical problem indicating the need for cleaning or adjustment.
  • measure the accuracy of the analog quartz watches.

The HOROTEC© Flashtest is supplied with two precision probes, a power adaptor (input 220/110V AC - output 9V DC), a 9V alkaline battery, a User’s Manual and Technical Guide

Features a color touchscreen 48 x 36 mm

Accuracy of built in oscillator: appr. +/- 0.2 sec/day

Accuracy of calibrators: appr. +/- 3 sec/month

Voltage: 110v/220v. Dimensions: 6.1" x 6.8" x  2.25" (155mm x 172mm x 55mm).
Do Not use for testing mechanical watches.

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