Horotec Watch Band Holding Vise Tool Extra Large Bracelet Holder

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This new Swiss made quality king size watch band holding vise is made of high impact sturdy material. Tired of trying to hold a watch band and the tools you need to adjust the watch band? Then this is the tool you have always been looking for. This is a vise that will hold the watch band securely, allowing you to have both hands free to make watch band link and pin adjustment. This will certainly make link removing and other watch band repairs ten times easier.

  • Oversized stainless steel thumb screw
  • Slotted back for removing pins and links
  • Opens to 10mm wide (thick watch bands)
  • Bracelet Bedding is about 50mm long, 10mm wide, and 24mm deep
  • Measures 2 x 2 x 1.4" inches (50 x 50 x 35mm)
  • Made in Switzerland

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