Horotec Watch Case Back Opener with 3 Baume-Mercier® Dies

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This case back opener is designed to open Baume-Mercier® watch case backs. It has a large knob on the top that allows for a firm controlled grip that allows you to control the amount of pressure used when opening. This tool is made to hold the three different sized Baume-Mercier® dies that are included.

  • Set includes handle and three dies for Baume-Mercier® case backs
  • Die sizes included: 25.0mm, 30.0mm, 33.0mm
  • Handle diameter is 3" inches with length of 2-1/4" inches


Esslinger & Co. is independent of and not affiliated with or sponsored by Baume-Mercier®. Warranty does not apply to non-genuine parts supplied by Esslinger & Co.

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