Horotec Watch Case Cushion With Dust Cover 90mm

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This Horotec watch case cushion with dust cover makes it possible for you to work on timepieces over a period of time - when you come back to your work, its clean and free of any dust or debris. This is a great addition to any watchmakers bench and can be used for opening watch banks and doing watch and pocket watch movement work. This convenient case cushion also helps to protect crystals and prevent scratching when you are snapping case backs on or off, removing case back screws, or a number of other services. The case cushion is wrapped with a metal ring to help it keep its shape. It has a diameter of 90 mm (3.5" inches) which handily fits even those popular extra large watches.

  • 89mm (3.5 inch) diameter
  • Clear lucite cover (2.5" inches high) keeps parts and watches from dust and dirt
  • Soft cushion protects watch crystals during repairs
  • Small parts holder is formed into cushion for screws and other tiny items
  • Swiss made