Horotec Watch Opener Tool Mini Case Opener

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This deluxe mini case tool easily opens and closes waterproof case backs. This mini case opener provides you the same amount of torque that a press will and uses a lot less space on your workbench. It features a removable case holder that slides out of the press for you to easily place the movement in the holder. After taking the case back off, simply slide the holder out of the fixture and let the holder continue to hold the watch securely during the rest of the repair. It is supplied with 4 different set of pins that fit a variety of cases as well as 4 nylon pegs. Additionally, you may also purchase a set of six or three circular dies that can be used for opening Rolex® and Baume & Mercier® cases respectively.

  • Miniature case opener
  • Provides maximum torque in minimal space
  • Jaw Holder opens 14mm to 65mm
  • Comes with a removable watch case holder
  • Includes four different sets of pins
  • Includes four nylon dies
  • You may also purchase Rolex® dies additionally: 64.0709
  • You may also purchase Baume & Mercier® dies additionally: 64.0711
  • Made in France


Esslinger & Co. is independent of and not affiliated with or sponsored by Rolex® or Baume & Mercier®. Warranty does not apply to non-genuine parts supplied by Esslinger & Co.

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