Horotec Watch Tool For Screw on Pusher Case Tubes

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This Horotec watch tool was made for removing and installing chronograph pushers. Now comes with 18 interchangeable keys that fit everything from screw-on pushers and tubes, the oscillating weight bolt, to the battery cover and includes the new 2.00mm key for the Omega Seamaster® tube. This kit comes together with the 18 keys, a master handle that allows you to use the keys, and a storage base to keep everything together and organized. The tips are made to grip tubes that are fluted on the inside, plus 5 different sized tips to grip those tubes that are fluted on the outside.

  • It can be used on Rolex®, Breitling®, Omega®, and Swatch® movements
  • Comes with 18 interchangeable keys
  • 8 Keys for Screw-On Tubes: 1.50mm, 1.80, 2.00, 2.65, 2.75, 2.95, 3.00(short) and 3.00(long)
  • 5 Keys for Screw-On Pushers: 4.35mm, 4.80, 4.30, 4.70, and 5.90
  • 2 Keys for Oscillating Weight Bolts: for ETA calibers 2892, 2893, 2894, 2895 and Eta/Valjoux calibers 2001-1, 7750
  • 3 Keys for Swatch® battery covers: Gent, Lady, and Medium
  • One master handle that holds all the keys
  • Fits many things from screw-on pushers, tubes, oscillating weight bolts, and battery covers
  • Swiss made


Esslinger & Co. is independent of and not affiliated with or sponsored by Rolex®, Breitling®, Omega®, or Swatch®. Warranty does not apply to non-genuine parts supplied by Esslinger & Co.

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