ImpressArt 3.0mm Newsprint Numbers PLATED Punch Set 9 pieces In Storage Box

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Customize your design adding value and interest to brass, copper, nickel silver, gold, silver and aluminum. Our new set of number punches 0 to 8 (6 used as 9) in Sailor font. Each metal stamp is labeled on the side for easy identification and orientation. These stamps are made of tempered steel and have a plated, oil free finish to protect from rust, this set comes delivered in a plastic storage box.

  • Newsprint Font
  • Punches are 2 1/2 in length
  • Tempered steel quality
  • 9 piece Letters Set (#6 also used as #9)
  • Size: 3.00mm
  • Oil free finish to protect against rust
  • Plastic container conveniently holds all punches together