ImpressArt Metal Stamping Kit 3mm Uppercase Bridgette Font Stamping Kit

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This stamping kit provides all the essentials needed to create stamped jewelry and other metal crafts. Stamps are cut from hardened steel, with a straight shank; stamp soft metals like: brass, nickel, silver, pewter, gold, silver, and aluminum. Kit includes a complete A-Z set of uppercase alphabet (Bridgette Font), stamping hammer, stamping block with a rubber base, sample of stamp enamel, straight stamp guide, and aluminum blanks for practice. These stamps are durable, providing consistent metal stamping success when creating custom, personalizes jewelry items. 

  • Perfect stamping set for beginners
  • 3mm full alphabet (Bridgette font)
  • Upper case A-Z and '&'
  • 1 lb metal hammer
  • Steel block
  • 5 practice discs
  • Value Option