ImpressArt Nylon Jaw Ring Bending Plier Kit

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Solid stainless steel, box joint plier shapes and bends metal blanks into rings. Convex/concave jaws allow you to form a complete circle for a ring or to gently curve a flat component. Nylon jaws protect the surface from scratching and marring. Kit includes four 6.3mm x  57mm blanks and four 6.3mm x 76mm blanks to get you started on designing your own rings. 

  • Ring bending plier with nylon jaws
  • Leaf springs and coated handle for comfort
  • Won't scratch of mar
  • Kit includes plier and 8 metal blanks in 6.3mm width
  • 4 blanks in 57mm length for ring sizes 7-9
  • 4 blanks in 76mm length for ring sizes 8-10
  • Length is 6"