Jewelers Essential Soldering Tool Kit 9 pieces with Flux and Solder

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This 9 piece basic soldering kit comes with all the essential tools for basic soldering applications. The kit includes: Max Flame Torch, Sparex pickling compound, Silver Paste Solder, Flux, Magnesia soldering block, copper tongs, #1 style tweezers, Fiber Grip heat resistant cross-locking tweezers and Tripod with mesh screen. This solder tool kit is great for learning how to solder, jewelry making and repair, electronics repair and more.

  • 9 pc Basic soldering kit with Torch and Silver solder paste
  • Includes all the essentials needed for basic soldering applications
  • Perfect for learning to solder, jewelry making and repair, electronics work and repair and more
  • Includes: Torch, pickling compound, silver solder paste, flux, soldering block, copper tongs, tweezers, cross-lock tweezers and tripod w/ mesh screen
  • Max Flame Butane Torch - Features large flame nozzle with adjustable flame, quick refill design, safety lock, electronic ignition and a max temp. of 2450°F
  • Sparex Pickling Compound - Safe replacement for sulfuric acid, effective in cleaning and pickling metals, removes surface oxidation and scale
  • Silver Solder Paste - 1/2 ounce syringe allows for precise dispensing, contains blend of solder powder, flux and binder, cadmium free, medium flow
  • Copper Tongs - For use with pickling solutions, rigid and well-made
  • Tripod w/ Mesh Screen - Used for soldering, alcohol lamp or Bunsen burner can be placed underneath