Jewelry and Watch Deluxe Brass Caliper Gauge 80mm 3 Inches

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With this Deluxe Caliper gauge, you can finally eliminate the problem of holding small stones, parts, etc. when measuring. Just place the stone or part on the metal under plate and get a fast, accurate measurement, without worrying about losing the part. This gauge works great for normal measurement as well. The caliper is made of solid brass and works just like other similar gauges, except it has the extra handy holding plate.

  • Made entirely of brass
  • Notched jaws for inside/outside measurements
  • Comes with a metal plate for holding stones and parts when measuring
  • 1/10th mm Vernier gauge
  • Millimeter scale
  • Product size 3.7" X 1.2" X 0.1" Inches (94 X 31 X 2mm)
  • Product weight 2 oz.