Jewelry and Watch Micrometer Columbus Style Vernier Caliper Gauge 125mm 5 Inches

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This Columbus style Caliper gauge is an economical quality gauge as it measures in both metric and inch units. It has a maximum capacity 5 inches or 125 mm. The Vernier scale reads to 1/16 and 1/10 cm. There is a handy thumb roller and locking screw, so you can easily control the size of the jaws to measure. The jaws allow you to easily measure inside and outside of the jewelry and watch parts, and there is a depth gauge in the end.

  • Notched jaws for inside/outside measuring
  • Max capacity of 5 inches or 125 mm
  • 1/16th in, or 1/10th cm Vernier gauge
  • Measures both in metric and inches
  • Easily adjusted jaws with locking screw
  • Product size 7.4" X 2.7" X 0.4" Inches (188 X 67 X 10mm)