Jewelry Repair Solder Easy Flow 14K White Gold Solder Sheet 1 dwt

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Repair solder is a more affordable option compared to purchasing higher karat plumb solder, and is easier to work with and control the solders flow. Common uses for repair solder is doing torch soldering repairs (acetylene, propane, natural gas, butane) on broken chains, stress fractures on rings and wedding bands, prong repair, intricate jewelry designs, and watch repair. Cadmium free Work repair solder is sold based on the metal karat content of the item being repaired, not the solders actual gold content. For example if you were repairing a 14KY chain, you would purchase a 14KY type of repair solder although the actual karat of the solder would be slightly lower. Work repair solder has a lower gold karat content so it can provide you with a lower flow temperature then the higher karat jewelry item being repaired.

  • 14K White Gold Easy Flow Repair Solder
  • Flow Temperature 1380º F
  • Cadmium Free (To avoid any toxic Fumes generated from melting cadmium)
  • Repair Solder (Work Solder) commonly used for older jewelry repairs where karat standards are not require
  • Sold as sheet solder, 1 dwt per piece