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KT-22 Microlubricant Watch Grease and Moisture Sealer

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Product Description

The KT-22 Micro-lubricant is a stem and winding gear lubricant that assures full lubrication, as well as rust protection, that lasts from cleaning to cleaning. It is designed so that it will never break down, creep, or bleed: it always stays exactly where you want it. It will vapor seal the sleeve completely and waterproofs screw-back cases. It will also protect against condensation and will seal plungers. It is a must have for chronographic lubrication. KT-22 is available in both a jar and in a syringe. The syringe permits accurate placement of the micro-lubricant with optimum purity upon application.

  • This is a micro-lubricant for watch stems and winding gears
  • Offers rust protection
  • 1 oz size
  • Long lasting seal
  • It stays where you apply it
  • Will not ball up, run, break down or gum up
  • Seals plungers and protects against condensation
  • Comes in jar and syringe form
  • Product size 1.3" X 1.1" X 1.1" Inches (32 X 28 X 28mm)

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