Long Post Quartz Dustproof Watch Crown Refills 2.75mm-3.5mm

Long Post Quartz Dustproof Watch Crown Refills 2.75mm-3.5mm
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These are the dustproof quartz watch crowns that are a must have for any watchmakers who work on Quartz watches. These dustproof quartz crowns come in three different tap sizes, and are of the highest quality ensuring that each and every crown repair or replacement you do is the very best it can be. These dustproof quartz crowns come with long posts to allow you to replace the watch crown even when the old stem has been broken off and cant be removed for the watch case. With these long posts you can repair even seemingly impossible crown problems and make your customers day by bringing their favorite Quartz watches back life. Each watch crown is sold individually ensuring that you always have the right diameter, tap size, and color watch crown on hand. Simply select the watch crown you need from the drop down menu above.

  • Sold individually
  • Crowns are both gold plated (yellow) and nickel plated (white)
  • These are long post watch crowns
  • Available in 4 diameters: 2.75, 3.0, 3.25, and 3.5 mm
  • Available in 3 tap sizes: 10, 11, and 12
  • Quartz dustproof crowns
  • **Note** Dustproof watch crowns will not provide water resistance to a watch, use ONLY with watches that are NOT water proof or water resistant
  • Keeps dirt and dust out of the watch movement
  • Crowns are knurled for easy winding
  • Refills for Long Post Quartz Watch Crown Assortment 83.126

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