Luxor® Polinum Swiss Watch Final Polishing Compound Orange Glow for Gold Silver and Stainless Steel

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Polinum, also referred to as Orange-Glow or Orange rouge is a superior finishing product allows you to use a super powerful polishing action to produce an unmatched sparkling gloss on your watch cases and bands. It is used by many high end watch brands in the Swiss watch industry. It is a highly economical purchase as it only needs to be applied in small amounts, so the compound will last for a long time. Designed for Platinum, white gold, yellow gold and stainless steel.  Polishing compounds in tubes or bars are characteristically hard.  These are normally used with a polishing motor, applying the compound to a buff wheel, then polishing the item.

  • Allows you to achieve a superior sparkling gloss when polishing
  • Used on platinum, gold, silver, and stainless steel watch bands and cases
  • Economical, and will last for a many watches
  • 0.125Kg bar
  • Product size 3.4" X 1.2" X 1.2" Inches (82 X 29 X 29mm)
  • Swiss Made