Made To Fit Apple® Watch Universal Watch Band Adapter

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The made to fit  Apple® Watch band universal adapter allows you to make your Apple® Watch compatible with almost any standard straight end watch band. Instead of using Apples® proprietary band connector, this adapter uses a simple spring bar design. Replacing your band is now as easy as compressing the spring bar sliding on your new band and fitting it back into place.

Adapters are available in 4 colors (silver, space gray, red and blue) and 3 sizes, to fit the 38mm and 42mm size Apple® Watch case. The 38mm Apple® Watch universal adapter fits watch bands up to 20mm wide or 22mm wide. The 41mm to 45mm Apple® Watch adapter fits watch bands up to 24mm wide and is compatible with Apple® Watch up to Series 7.

Installation is easy! Simply install your watch band on the new adapter using a spring bar tool and slide it into place on your watch. No screwdrivers or other tools required.

  • Compatible with the Apple® Watch, Apple® Watch Sport and Apple® Watch Edition
  • Includes 2 adapters and 2 spring bar pins
  • Available for the 38 or 42mm Apple® watch case
  • Comes in Polished Silver, Space Gray, Red, or Blue Color(stainless steel material)
  • 38mm adapter uses 20mm watch bands
  • 42mm adapter uses 24mm watch bands 

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