Micro Engraver Pen Hand Held Engraving Tool with Letter Stencils

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This easy to use hand held battery operated engraving tool works on metal, wood, ceramics, and even glass. Design of engraver pen has a contoured grip allowing for steady control and accuracy. Common uses for this tool are for marking property and for creating personalized gifts like id tags, engraved plates/plaques, custom jewelry, key chains, pet tags, etched glassware, signatures on ceramics and crafts, and more!

  • Ideal for engraving metal, glass, wood, ceramics and glass
  • Compact pen-like design allows for greater control
  • Includes 2 Round Diamond Tip Bits; 1 in a large round shape (≈4.00mm diameter) and 1 in a fine point bud shape (≈1.35mm diameter) & Allen Key
  • Includes full set of letter stencils: uppercase, lowercase, numbers, select symbols, and commonly used phrases
  • Battery Operated (2 AAA, not included)
  • Product size 6.2" X 0.8" X 0.6" Inches (155 X 18 X 14mm)