Mini Satin Texturing Buffs Wheels Mounted on 3/32 Inch Mandrel 3/4 Inch Diameter Medium

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Our texturing wheels are great for putting a satin finish on jewelry, stainless steel, profiled surfaces and on fine structured satinized surfaces. These mandrel mounted buffs have abrasive embedded in a red synthetic fiber. Use dry to produce a satin finish on your piece, great for texturizing small items. The mini texturing buffs have a 3/4" inch diameter wheel on 3/32" inch (2.4mm) mandrels. Overall length is 1-3/4" inches. Sold individually.

  • Flexible - Medium Grit
  • 3/4" Mounted Satin Texturing Buff wheels will produce a satin finish a variety of metals and jewelry like silver, gold stainless steel and more
  • Mounted on 3/32" inch mandrel with an overall length of 1.75" inches
  • Buff head diameter measures 3/4" inch (19mm) and approximately 1/4"-1/3" inch thick (7-8mm)
  • Can be used in flex-shafts, rotary tools, drills or other polishing machines
  • Sold individually per piece