Molykote DX Paste Grease Watch Lubricant (select size)

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Molykote DX paste is a mineral / lithium based white grease suited for long-term lubrication for metal parts and assemblies. Recommended by ETA for lubrication of movement calibers 251.262, 251.272, etc. This grease has been said to be similar to the popular Moebius D5 but with a less fluid viscosity. Molykote DX paste was originally designed for Sliding surfaces and friction contacts exposed to heavy loads, requiring "clean" lubrication, especially at low to medium speeds. Used successfully, for example, on many friction contacts of electrical and domestic appliances, packaging and office machinery, precision instruments, machinery in foodstuffs and beverages industry, as well as in textile and plastic processing machinery. But its versatile properties have proven to work well on many types of watches including certain applications in mechanical chronograph systems and the aforementioned ETA calibers. Made in Germany.

  • Superior load carrying capability and wear resistance
  • Good water-resistance and water-washed resistance
  • Prevents stick-slip and seizure
  • Good corrosion protection
  • White color contributes to a sense of cleanliness
  • shelf life of 60 months
  • Lithium based
  • Choose size: .5oz, 50g, 250g (250g special order only, 3-4 weeks)
  • Service temp - 25C to + 125C
  • Made in Germany

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