Nylon Watch Band Assortment Men's Solid Color 18mm Straps 10 5/8 Inch Length

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This WBHQ 12 piece assortment of nylon replacement watch straps includes a retail self standing display for showing and easy removal when selling watch bands for everyday watch repair. This kit contains popular sellers for your customers - Three colors included; black, brown, and blue in 18mm width. This assortment is a must have if you are commonly replacing watch bands and repairing watches. At such a low cost for an assortment of this kind, your able to make a small investment that is guaranteed to easily turn into a sizeable profit in your near future. Strong a flexible nylon should last for years and can be washed with water and light soap.

  • Assortment includes 12 New nylon replacement watch straps
  • Sizes included are 18mm
  • Buckle size is 18mm
  • Four each; Black, brown, and blue watch bands
  • Nylon watchband length is 10 5/8" inches (269.5 mm) long
  • Stainless steel anti-allergenic buckle will vary from gold tone or silver tone
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