O-Ring Watch Gasket Lubricant Sealer

Non-Returnable Product
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Now handier than ever, Speed Lubricator for O-rings and watch gaskets available in an easy-to-use box! It features a sponge that is permanently attached inside and filled with silicone grease so there is less waste and never grease where you don't need it. Silicone grease is the best gasket sealant available, because it is water repellent and keeps gaskets lubricated and flexible for a lighter and longer seal.

  • Silicone sealant
  • Comes in a box with permanently attached sponge for precision application
  • Watch repellant
  • Extends the life of your gasket
  • Wont damage your gasket
  • Product size 2.7" X 2.7" X 0.9" Inches (68 X 68 X 24mm)
  • Made in USA


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