Optivisor AL Set Magnifier Headband with 4 Lenses

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Donegan Optical, manufacturers of quality visual products for over 60 years introduces the OptiVisor AL precision magnifier. This extra-value set includes the popular OptiVisor and set of four lenses with an excellent magnification range: 1.75, 2x, 2.5x and 2.75x. Optical prismatic lens plates are lightwieght and tough made from precision ground, highly polished molds. Headband features a genuine leather, padded band with orthopedic felt for extra comfort. Adjustable pivots on both sides of visor provide proper tension to keep lens in place and smooth tilt-up when not in use. The OptiVisor is the leading hands-free magnifier and can be worn over prescription or safety glasses. 

  • Includes four lenses with focal range of 6" to 14"
  • Magnification  for office, home and workshop
  • Headband adjuster dial for a quick, comfortable fit
  • Made in USA
     Focal Length           Magnification     
14" 1.75x
10" 2x
8" 2.5x
6" 2.75x