Practical Watch Repairing [Paperback]

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"Can justifiably claim to be the best illustrated book on practical horology yet issued."       

                                                                                -Horological Journal

There are countless books, written in almost every language, dealing with the ever evolving subject of watch repair throughout the years. When Donald De Carle started writing Practical Watch Repairing in 1946, he intended to create a textbook "that a watchmaker can understand, even if he can't read." With over 550 black and white illustrations and an approach that assumes the reader has no watch repairing experience, this book clearly achieves that goal. In Practical Watch Repairing, De Carle has provided well-informed instruction on every topic a watchmaker or aspiring watchmaker would need to know. Even an individual with no prior experience can become a watch repair specialist with the help of this book.

  • Authored by Donald De Carle
  • More than 550 black and white illustrations
  • Clear and straightforward explanations
  • Covers every topic needed in typical watch repairs