Precision Screwdriver Set with 4 Reversible Blades Straight and Phillips

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Originally designed and widely used in the optical trade, this set is perfect for jewelers and watchmakers but also ideal for hobby, camera, computer and home use. These small handy screwdrivers are used for watch repair, small electronics, eyeglass repair, etc. The small size of the screwdrivers lets you tighten or loosen both straight and phillips small screws and also get into small areas.


  • 3.5" Inch screwdriver (88mm)
  • Four reversible blades for a total of 8 tips, four phillips and four standard
  • Blades snap in and out easily
  • Sizes include phillips #000, 00, 0, and 1; flat sizes 1.6, 2.0, 2.4,and 3.2 mm
  • Aluminum knurled body for a sure grip and hex swivel head to prevent rolling
  • Chrome plated body made of lightweight aluminum
  • Product size 4.3" X 0.7" X 0.3" Inches (108 X 18 X 8mm)