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Prism Spectroscope With Adjustable Draw Tube

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Product Description

A spectroscope is a gemological instrument that allows you to view a gemstones distinctive way it absorbs light, also referred to as its absorption spectrum. The spectroscope is typically used when testing for treated and synthetic gemstones. It can help detect dyed stones and also determine coloring agents (transition elements) in certain stones. Hand held models allow you to test on rough, mounted, and loose gemstones. The biggest advantage of a prism spectroscope over a diffraction-grading model is that it allows you to vary the focus and provides you with a bright spectrum. The drawtube slide allows you to adjust the focus on different parts of the spectrum.

  • Prism Type
  • Drawtube Slide Adjustable Focus with Fixed Slit
  • Hand Held Spectroscope
  • Size: 84 mm Long (3 3/8) x 20 mm Wide (3/4)