Pro-Electric Bead Reamer with 3 Diamond Coated Tips Smooth and Enlarge Bead Holes

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The Pro-Electric bead reamer is a great tool to smooth and enlarge bead holes. Light weight and easy to use, it comes with 3 diamond coated tips, small pointed, 45° edger and large pointed reamer. The small and large pointed reamers are used to enlarge holes and the 45 degree edger is used to smooth them for easy bead stringing. With a 1,000 - 20,000 RPM operating speed and variable speed control bead reaming is made easy. Easily change bead reamer tips from collet by hand with no tools required. The bead reamer also includes two additional collets that can be placed in the reamer chuck allowing the use of different sized reaming bits. Its always recommended to use a lubricant or water when working with diamond coated instruments. Always wear safety glasses when using this tool.

  • Electric bead reamer with 3 diamond coated tips makes smoothing and enlarging bead holes quick and easy
  • Lightweight and comfortable with variable speed control
  • Operates at speeds of 1,000 - 20,000 RPMs
  • Easy to use collet requires no tools, change reamer tips by hand
  • Two additional sized collets included for use of different sizes of bead reaming bits
  • Includes 3 diamond coated tips: Small Pointed, 45 Degree Edger and Large Pointed Reamer
  • Measures approximately 6.25" inches in length
  • Includes: Variable speed electric reamer, 3 x diamond coated tips, 120v transformer with standard 2-prong plug and 2 x additional collets