Raytech Magnetic Wand Separator

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Raytech's Magnetic Wand is the fast and easy way to separate ferrous metal parts from your deburring/polishing media. Its strong internal magnet provides an excellent grip on parts. Simply insert the wand into the media finishing bowl, parts are picked up, pull the knob to release magnet and parts will drop off the wand. Compact by design, with a 6" magnetic section, yet able to reach into deep tumbler bowls with its 15" length. Features a comfortable handle and built-in hanger for storage.

  • Magnetic wand separator
  • Strong internal magnet for a firm grip
  • Lift capacity is 10 lbs/4.5Kg
  • 1" wand diameter
  • Overall length (fully closed): 17"
  • Overall length (fully extended): 25.25"
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Handle includes storage hanging hook