Rotary Tool Accessories 30 piece Jewelry Polishing and Shaping Kit

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This new kit brings together a nice variety of accessories for cutting and shaping, grinding, buffing and texturing. Contains 30 pieces; supplies with a plastic holder that has tabs on the bottom allowing you to tilt the stand at an angle for easier access, if needed.

Set includes (3) each: stiff, medium, soft and extra soft bristles brushes and (2) soft end brushes for finishing delicate, textured or patterned material. (2) Crimped and (2) end brass brushes for creating brushed finish on copper, brass and other yellow metals. (1) Crimped steel brush for creating brushed finish on silver and other white metals. (1) Chamois and (1) muslin buff for polishing to a high luster. (1) Cone and (1) tapered cone aluminum oxide points for grinding and shaping. (1) Round and (1) cross cut cone high speed steel burs for cutting and shaping. (2) Cone and (2) wheel felt bobs for pre-polishing and polishing.

  • 30 pc set for cutting and shaping, grinding, buffing and polishing
  • Use accessories in flex shaft or rotary tool
  • Set comes with tiltable plastic holder
  • Mounted on 3/32" Shank Mandrels