Rub Off Compound Dark Blue

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The Blue Rub Off Compound is a universal cleaning compound used by prestigious watch companies such as Rolex and by regular watchmakers. It will remove stains and fingerprints from watch parts like plates, bridges, dials, and many more. It also cleans pivots and excess oil from jewels, and helps you remove broken pivots from watch movements. It cleans dials better than any other product on the market and wont leave any oily residue behind.

  • Best of the Best cleaning compound
  • Used by name brand watches like Rolex
  • Removes stains and fingerprints from small watch parts
  • Removes excess oil from jewel set in watches
  • Will NOT leave any oily residue behind
  • Package of 1 bar
  • Product size 3.6" X 1.3" X 0.3" Inches (90 X 31 X 7mm)