Seiko S-261 Easy Snap Case Back Opener

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This Professional class case opener is true to its name and opens casebacks with an "easy snap"! The S-261 is very well built and has a large sturdy base to keep the tool securely in place. Another feature of this quality tool is the adjustable watch case vise which contains 16 different holes to accommodate a wide range of case sizes. Four nylon-capped pin posts hold the watch securely.

The case opener blade is made of hardened steel and measures 2.50mm in width. After the watch is secured into the case vise, the vise is rotated to position the blade in alignment to the opening notch position of the watch case back. The blade is then tightened against the watch back until it opens, the blade can be gently twisted to add a little more opening force as needed. Includes an extra opening blade and two plain posts or pins which fit conveniently into the unit for storage. Instruction sheet with diagram and component i.d. also included. Made in Japan.

  • Seiko S-261 removes friction style snap-on watch case backs
  • Tool features a case vise with adjustable pins to fit most watches up to 52mm.
  • Includes extra pin posts and instructions
  • Size: 5.5" x 4" x 3.25"
  • Made in Japan

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