Seiko S-283 Professional Watch Case Back Knife Pry Type Remover Opener for Snap-on Backs

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The Seiko S-283 professional watch case back remover tool is made in Japan using the highest quality materials. The case knife is designed for better control and power over standard case knifes or pry type case back openers. This tool is used to pry open snap on, friction type watch case backs. The case back remover and opener features a stainless steel blade that is designed for strength and durability, the blade measures 5mm wide and has a sharp beveled edge to get into the tightest of watch backs while still having the strength to hold up to multiple uses. If you work on watches regularly this is the case back tool you want! Made in Japan.

  • Designed to help remove snap-on watch case backs
  • Hard composite plastic handle with ergonomic design
  • Stainless steel blade that comes to a sharp point
  • Blade is fixed and does not fold into the handle
  • Total length of the knife is 3.25" inches
  • Product size 3.3" X 1.4" X 0.7" Inches (84.5 X 36 X 20mm)

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