Silk Bead Cord With Stainless Steel Needle Griffin Brand

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Griffin Silk is the traditional stringing material used by beaders for centuries. 100% silk bead cord is so soft you wont even feel it slip through your fingers. Designs drape naturally and look elegant. We strongly recommend using Griffin Silk when stringing all pearls. Griffin 100% Silk Bead Cord comes complete with an attached twisted beading needle - ready for use!

  • Griffin Silk Bead Cord
  • 2 Meter (6.5 Ft.) Per Card
  • Needle Included 

Read More About The Differences Between Bead Cord and Bead Threads:

Beading Threads are very thin ribbons, and are meant to be fully covered with beads, thus hidden within your pieces. They are typically waxed with beeswax to keep them from fraying. Threads, once waxed, are actually stronger and more durable than bead cords, but they are unsightly. Threads are used in both bead weaving and bead stringing projects. Beading Cords are threads that are braided together, to make them visually attractive. But you don't wax bead cords, this would make them ugly. So bead cords will have problems of fraying and stretching that waxed threads will not. Bead Cords are used for projects where you want the cord to show, like putting knots between beads, or tin cup necklaces where you have a cluster of beads, then a length of cord showing, and then another cluster of beads, then the cord, and so forth.