Skip A Tooth # 1 Jewelers Wax Cutting Saw blades per Dozen

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This is a new set of 12 sawblades designed specifically for cutting through wax. Every other tooth is eliminated to provide smooth cutting and non-loading action. This results in smoother and faster cuts with a dramatically longer blade life. When using standard saw blades on wax teeth fill up with wax shavings and the blade gets hung up easily which causes rough cuts and blades to break much more often. That is never a problem with this design! Saw blade length is approximately 130mm or 5-1/8" inches.

  • Every other tooth design prevents hang-ups and provides smoother cuts
  • Less broken blades and wasted wax saves money
  • Saw blades are size #1
  • Overall length is 5-1/8" inches
  • Sold by dozen