Solderite Soldering Pad 6 x 12 Inch Soft Board

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Solderite's main uses are to provide a surface to form beads of solder on, and direct flame soldering. It is also used to protect the jeweler's bench from excessive heat when soldering and to place hot flasks on after casting. Solderite's durability is unmatched, plus it can be dropped without breaking, unlike ceramic heat pads. Solderite is clean and long lasting unlike charcoal, magnesia or foam block. Solderite has excellent heat reflection and cools down quickly. After prolonged use it can be easily sanded to produce a smooth surface again. Solderite can be drilled or shaped to hold findings and jewelry items.  Maximum temperature of 1700°F.

  • Size 6 x 12" Inches
  • Thickness 0.75" Inches
  • Soft board can be carved to shape
  • Made in USA