Special Order Finding - Per Quoted Price

Special Order Finding - Per Quoted Price
Special Order Jewelry Findings
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This product is for those who have already received a special order price quote from a Esslinger team member via email. Please make sure to specify the following information before adding this item into your shopping cart: Quoted Price, SKU (if provided), Product Description, Metal Type, and any additional information discussed between you and a Esslinger team member. All special orders are considered non returnable and non refundable. Special orders typically take up to 2 weeks to process unless told differently. Once your order is submitted the cost of the special order finding will be adjusted from "$25" to match your quoted price, and you will only be charged for the quoted price plus shipping and handling.

If you are looking for a particular jewelry finding, please start here: Jewelry Findings

Please contact us via email at mail@esslinger.com to inquire about the availability of special order findings.

Your payment method will be charged at the time of order.