Spool Tamers Adjustable Wire Dispenser -5 Piece Package

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Put an end to tangled wire! The Spool Tamer is an adjustable wire dispenser that helps keep your spooled Stringing Wire, Artistic Wire, and other beading cords tidy and easily accessible. To use, thread the end of the wire or stringing material through the hole in the buckle. Attach the band around the spool and tighten or loosen if necessary. Hold onto the tab and pull the wire through the hole to dispense. Spool will rotate freely while dispensing.  Great for every spool of wire and stringing material in your jewelry workshop!

  • 5 Pieces per Package
  • Keeps cord and wire spools neat and tidy
  • Band is 9.0 mm Wide
  • Elastic bands stretches to fit diameter of most stringing material and wire spools. 
  • Tamer is made of an elastic band and plastic buckle