Stainless Steel Watch Polishing Supplies Kit

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This kit has all the supplies you need to start polishing stainless steel. Muslin buffs for creating a bright, mirror polish and satin buffs for a brushed, matte finish. Two different compounds to get the final result with less steps; grey-star for cutting and pre-polish and fabulustre for final high polish. To avoid cross-contamination of the compounds we offer this starter set which includes two 4" muslin buffs, two 4" satin buffs, grey-star and fabulustre polishing compounds, polyimide tape and a rouge embedded cleaning cloth.  


  • Grey star buffing compound - 1 pound
  • Fabulustre finishing compound - 1/4 pound
  • Two 4" muslin buffs (4" x 40 ply)
  • Two 4" satin buffs (1 fine, 1 medium)
  • One roll of 4.4-6mm wide polyimide tape
  • One Fabulous polishing cloth

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