Stay Brite Solder and Flux Kit for Jewelry

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This kit is ideal for jewelers and watchmakers who need to work with solder. This essential kit comes with everything you'd need to solder something back together except for the iron itself. It has a thousand and one uses, it can be used for items such as, electronics, toys, collectables, jewelry, jump rings, chains and earring parts. The Stay Brite Solder flows at temperatures much lower than the easy, medium and hard solder used in construction of jewelry, meaning that it can be used on almost any metal, except for aluminum. Because of this it requires very low heating to prevent the burning of stones or glass beads - You can even solder a pivot in a clock with out removing it! The solder will not tarnish and can be used with a regular torch on a very low flame or an electric iron. Providing strength without the distortion caused by high temperature brazing, this solder kit is ideal for your workbench.

  • Silver bearing solder flows at 430 degrees F
  • Contains 96% tin and 4% silver, cadmium-Free, non-oxidizing
  • Does not contain Nickel or Lead
  • Convenient Storage Container
  • 1/2 oz. of Solder
  • 1/2 oz. of Flux
  • Solder is about 1.3mm thick
  • Made in USA


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