Steam Dragon Silver Dragon Jewelry Steamer and Tool Cleaner

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This bench top steam cleaner is safe, portable, and simple to use. It allows you to make fresh steam instantly! The steam cleaning makes it possible to get a great clean look on all the jewelry pieces that cross your bench. It helps you remove grease, oil, and metal shavings from dies and tooling also. It can clean away wax from plaster molds, as well as investments from castings. You can clean delicate tools as well as pre-cleaning solder joints before welding and after soldering to clean-up flux residue. Like most steamers It is important to only use Distilled water in this unit.


  • Foot pedal operated
  • 125 psi
  • 110-120V
  • 11.5 amps
  • 1300 watts
  • 20 Gauge stainless steel cabinet
  • Size 13" X 9" X 9" Inches (330 X 228 X 228mm) high
  • Cord length 89" Inches (3 prong plug)
  • Foot pedal length 72" Inches
  • It is important to only use Distilled water in this unit
  • Made in USA