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Stella Euro Watch Hand Press Inserting Tool

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Buy Here This is the most economically friendly watch hand remover on the market. It has fiber tips which will not mar or scratch the watch dial. The jaws are sturdy and retract when side springs are pressed, applying balanced and specific pressure on the dial and opening of the hands. The center plunger holds the hands firmly in position, so together the jaws and plunger will hold your watch hands steadily and securely in place and allow you to easily position them while you service the watch. The design of the tool uses springs and tension to balance the pressure applied at each point taking all of the guesswork and much of the risk out of this procedure making this a very handy tool for the hobbyist and professional. • Watch hand removing tool assist in removing hands from almost all watches • Will work to remove most hour, minute, sweep (second) and chronograph hands • Tool is spring loaded making it very simple to use, just squeeze the outer bands together and the tool does the rest • Overall dimensions: 3.9" X 1.3" X 0.6" inches (99 X 33 X 16mm) Subscribe to our channel and get updates on new videos here:

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Product Description

This sturdy fixture gives you better control when fitting watch hands. It is supplied with seven different nylon tips which fit conveniently on top of the tool. The tips have holes in them to fit over the posts when inserting the hands, the tip sizes include 0.50 mm, 0.70 mm, 0.90 mm, 1.20 mm, 1.50 mm, 1.60 mm and also includes a flat tip with no hole. Metal base measures 3-1/4" x 2-1/2" inches and provides a nice work surface. Spring-loaded with an all metal construction and an attractive red finish.

  • 7 nylon tips sized: 0.50 mm, 0.70 mm, 0.90 mm, 1.20 mm, 1.50 mm, 1.60 mm and flat
  • Tips are help neatly together on top of base
  • Tips friction in and out of press
  • All metal construction
  • Base measures 3-1/4" x 2-1/2" inches

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