Swiss Jaxa Watch Case Vise 5090

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This Swiss made case holder is considered to be the very best case holder by watchmakers. It has four pins to hold the watch case in place; each pin is moveable allowing you to adjust the holder to fit almost any watch. It can be small enough to hold a small ladies watch or large enough to hold a standard gentleman's watch, excluding the new extra large watches that are larger than 35 mm. Once you have found the position that fits your particular watch, lock your watch case into the holder. At this point, you can place this holder in a vise to allow you to have both hands free to work on the watch. This method allows you to get the most leverage since you will have both hands free to get a stubborn case back off any watch. The base is made of polyamide and the pins are made of PVC to reduce the chance of marring your watch.

  • Maximum capacity diameter: 35mm
  • Replacement pins are available
  • Allows you to have both hands free to work on the watch
  • Holds the watch steady during a repair
  • Product size 2.8" X 2" X 1.5" Inches (72 X 50 X 39mm)
  • Swiss Made