The Polishing Gizmo Jewelry and Watch Holder Wooden Mandrel for Polishing

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The Polishing Gizmo is another great tool to aid in polishing of rings, bracelets and watches. This device allows the user to safely hold items for polishing on a hardwood mandrel that won't scratch or mar the piece being polished. It is varnished so that the surface will repel rouge and other compounds. Makes polishing safer and easier, an indispensable tool for any bench.

  • Polishing Gizmo measures 7-1/2" x 3"
  • Ring mandrel is 3-1/2" in length
  • Ring mandrel diameter tapers from 9/16" to 1"
  • Bracelet mandrel is 2-1/8" in diameter at the center
  • Bracelet mandrel total width is 2.5"
  • Made of hardwood and varnished to resist rouge and other compounds